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how we do it

DESERT SOILS GEOTECHNICAL, INC. is committed to building partnerships and strategic alliances with developers and contractors. With our focus on construction project management, DSGI provides a higher degree of testing and reporting services resulting in project completions ahead of schedule and under budget. DSGI accomplishes this by applying:

  • organizational skill
  • attention to detail
  • tracking inspections and testing on a daily basis
  • coordination with the builders performing the work
  • responsiveness to hot calls

DESERT SOILS GEOTECHNICAL, INC. goes beyond the standard of practice by:

  • excavating test pits rather than drilling bore holes in order to obtain accurate samples
  • testing more samples than the minimum required
  • test samples for a wider range of soil properties

DSGI will not make engineering recommendations based on the worst case conditions in order to minimize its own professional risk at the developerís expense.

Case histories illustrate our approach:


case history i

case history ii

case history iii